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I have tried several different prosthetists and was always left frustrated, and feeling as if they did not care. I am over joyed to announce that all of that has changed the moment I contacted International Prosthetics. I gave them a call and was greeted by the incredibly sweet Mary Ellen. She set me up with an appointment for me to meet with Eric Schatz and the rest is history. Eric Schatz is my prosthetist, and he does phenomenal work. He is extremely caring, understanding, and respectful. I have also have had the honor to encounter two other practitioners at International Prosthetics, in particular Steve and Bill who are amazing folks who follow the high standards of International Prosthetics. I truly believe Eric Schatz, and his team are the best in the business. Eric and his team go above and beyond for their patients. One thing I absolutely love is that they are up to date with the latest and greatest technologies, and trends. Everything from the new Symphonie Aqua Casting System, 3D Printing, to the best Microprocessor knees, and prosthetic Feet on the market. I could not be happier with the care I receive from Eric Schatz, and his team. I highly recommend International Prosthetics and Orthotics!


I’ve been a patient at International Prostheics and Orthotics for about nine years. OBVIOUSLY there service is impeccable and the staff is awesome! There not satisfied unless your satisfied. I like that because to me it means they are concerned about your ability to maneuver yourself in society with little or no issues and pain,


The people in this office are very nice and professional. I came here for my daughter and we will definitely be coming back!


Since I've been under the care of International Prosthetics I have the best performing and most comfortable prosthetic leg. I recommend this facility highly for anyone looking to take their prosthetic fabrication to the next level


I have to say that they are one of the best in the business all around. They are courteous and helpful. I am a new LBKA (left below knee amputee) so I had a lot of questions and concerns and they took their time with me to go over everything. They really care about your needs and make sure they do everything they can to make you feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Eric is fantastic . The moment you walk in the staff is very helpful. It has been 6 months now and I am still treated the same


Tom was by FAR the most knowledgeable and CARING prosthetist I've ever encountered.Tom goes out of his way to make you feel welcome and well taken care of. He takes his time with you to make sure your prosthetic is most comfortable.


They are a benchmark of knowledge and experience pertaining to the world of "International Prosthetics and Orthotics.


I have been a patient with them for two years now and have always been thankful for their dedication and outstanding quality of work. They are friendly, welcoming and a team who makes the entire process very pleasant. They have a great location with parking.


Excellent. They helped take care of my cousin who is a RBK. They fitted , sculpted and fabricated his socket. He was extremely happy and comfortable


My grandmother is a patient of theirs for over 10 years now. She is a LBK (left below knee for those who don't know) due to diabetes. She is always happy with the service they provide and she loves how they take the time to make sure everything is perfect before she leaves.


I'm excited to be the first person to write a review for this company and it's all owed to Eric. My father has been a hip disarticulation amputee for 44 years now, for the first time is walking happily and comfortably in his new prosthesis leg. We have searched all over the Island for a place to be able to do their job and do it right, leaving their patients 100% satisfied. Tonight is an emotional night for us all, my dad may not be physically whole to the eye, but thanks to Eric you'd never know.


Eric was the best practitioner I have gone to. I love how he really wants to help you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the comfort and fit of your prosthesis

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