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Machined Parts Help Paralympian

Over the next 12 years, he would go on to become a world-class Paralympic athlete, winning gold and silver medals in the 2018 Paralympic Games, competing in a variety of winter sports, including motocross, snow bike cross, and snowboarding, and winning other gold and silver medals along the way. In fact, he is now a 10-time X Games gold medalist, after returning from the recent Winter X Games 2020 in Aspen, Colorado.

Former Miss Colombia Is Making The Most Out Of A Difficult Journey

Former Miss Colombia dances in video just weeks after leg amputation: 'We must be resilient in life'

He Lost His Leg, Then Rediscovered the Bicycle. Now He’s Unstoppable.


An interview with Dmitry Knyazev on amputee diving

Dmitry Knyazev has been a DDI Instructor and an inspirational member of our organisation since 2016. Since becoming a disabled diving instructor, Dmitry has been on a quest to get as many people with disabilities in the water as possible and has been a true ambassador for disabled diving, especially for divers in Russia. 

In 2015 he created the Open Water Challenge project. The goal of his project is to create motivational stories about how people with disabilities overcome the limits of their reality. As Dmitry was already an avid professional diver, he chose diving as the challenge. Each project participant has their own challenge and purpose for taking part. Dmitry documents the progression and triumphs of his divers through filming and photo galleries.

Amputee Golfer Reflects On His Encounter With Tiger Woods, 'My Favorite Moment Of My Life'

As he prepared to hit his shot, Luke paused—a man with a plan. Ever since doctors amputated his right leg above the knee at age 15 because of bone cancer, he's been playing golf one-legged, and he wasn't about to hit this shot any different. With all eyes on him, he removed his prosthetic leg, and—to general astonishment—handed it to Tiger Woods. 

How Double Amputee Cedric King Inspired The Carolina Panthers

In Kandahar, Afghanistan, 1st Sgt. Cedric King of the 82nd Airborne was walking a patrol that would alter the trajectory of his life. In the course of his patrol, Sgt. King stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) that detonated beneath his feet. He spent eight days in a coma, awakening to find he’d lost both legs in the explosion. Broken in mind and body, he connected with the Panthers and head coach Ron Rivera — and found new purpose and new meaning to his life. 


10 Things Amputees and People With Limb Differences Want You to Know

Everyone’s story is different.

Man makes his debut on the raceway as an amputee

Hunt was 14 years old when a tubing accident immobilized his left arm. Eight years later, after unsuccessful treatments, he decided to amputate it.

Since then, Hunt has discovered you don't need two arms to push a lawnmower, fix a camper, share your heart, hug your children or — more recently — drive a race car.

The Derby Line native began running street stocks at Thunder Road Speedway last year at age 40.

An inspirational story about two firefighters overcoming life-changing injuries to inspire others

When tragedy strikes in life, one can either give in to feelings of despair and hopelessness or try to make something positive result from it. 

Teen Whose Father Ran Over His Leg with Lawn Mower Thriving 14 Years After Accident

Brett Bainter came home from work around 3:30 p.m. and found his almost-4-year-old, Jake, riding his green bike in circles in the family’s driveway.

Jake’s babysitter was still there and it was a nice day, so Brett decided to mow the lawn. Brett reached a dead-end at the side of the house, but when he reversed the mower to turn around, he felt a bump. He didn’t know that Jake had gotten off his bike and followed him.

Brett accidentally ran over his son’s leg. Now, 14 years later, Jake is thriving — and his family is reflecting on the split second that changed their lives.

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